How to Avoid Losing Top Tech Talents During Recruitment

by | Aug 31, 2021

These days, tech companies all over the Asia Pacific face a significant challenge – recruiting top talents. And that’s mostly because talents are considering several job opportunities at once. Additionally, in some APAC countries such as Singapore, we have seen significant labor policies changes for foreign workers. Noticeably, this has put immense pressure on hiring companies because they have to compete against each other to land a local tech candidate, especially for in-demand roles.  

With that in mind, we’ve decided to share a few tips on how to avoid losing top tech during recruitment. We hope you find our insights helpful in attracting the best candidate for a vacant tech position.


 #1. Sell the Opportunity and Company

Helping a talent understand the company and the role they are applying for is pivotal in any recruitment process. That’s because, as we have emphasized earlier, in-demand tech candidates mostly choose from multiple opportunities whenever they look for a job.

To sell the opportunity and your company, here are some quick tips you can try:

    • Relate with your candidate – Get to know the candidate and customize your approach to fit their priorities, needs, and personal goals.
    • Introduce and sell company culture – Give the candidate a sneak peek of what’s it like to work in your organization. 
    • Identify negotiation pointsLastly, you must learn when to negotiate the job offer and walk away.

#2. Avoid really Long Interview Process

On average, the recruitment phase should last no longer than 42 days from the initial phone call to the actual hiring process. Otherwise, it could affect a candidate’s decision, or you might lose the opportunity to your competitor. To optimize your recruitment pipeline, you might want to consider doing the following: 

  • Establish an action plan for your recruitment process
  • Create a consistent communication guide for all interviewers 
  • Keep the questions clear and precise
  • Be decisive throughout the process
  • Outline your candidate feedback schedules
  • Don’t forget to ask for your candidate’s feedback

#3. Keep the Interview Process Engaging 

Many organizations lose candidates because of a lack of engagement during the interview process. As much as possible, you should avoid committing the same mistake. It’s crucial to provide feedback at least within 72 hours.

Moreover, it’s equally important to avoid using a one-size-fits-all approach when interviewing candidates. As we’ve mentioned earlier, each candidate has a different set of goals and needs. So you might find it helpful to tailor-fit your questions and responses. 

Lastly, we suggest opting for a personable and relaxed interview. It will encourage the candidate to respond naturally and establish rapport with your company.

#4. Present an Attractive Job Offer

So you’ve found the perfect candidate for the job. The candidate ticks all the boxes in your checklist and seems like a good fit in your group. Naturally, you would want to make an offer before losing to another company. Here are tips on how you can move forward and present a job offer to a tech candidate:

    • Provide an attractive proposition –Needless to say, it’s crucial to offer a competitive job offer if you wish to seal the deal. To know the average salary for some tech roles, you can download the Datasearch Consulting 2021 Salary Guide
    • Go beyond the monetary benefits – Besides the financial compensation, it will also help to outline career growth opportunities that a candidate might enjoy when joining your company.
    • Prepare for counter offers – This is especially important when attracting local talents. It would be best to familiarize yourself with the paygrade in the position you are hiring for. 
    • Set a deadline – Providing a specific timeline shows your decisiveness and enables you to set your expectations for the hiring process. 

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