Highly Targeted
Client Data

Our experienced data analysts will
research, source & validate high-quality
lead data focusing specifically on your
target client profile.

Data that Drives Revenue

Datasearch Growth is the leading technology and data, research provider.
Many of our specialist researchers come from the tech and data industry
and truly understand the dynamics of your target market.

Data Generation

We work with you to define your addressable target market, then we individually source each client
contact, providing high-quality data
points such as: Full name, Company,
Job Title, Location, Email (QA tested
to 98% accuracy).


If you are currently using a
database, it is likely that the data is
old and outdated. We cleanse and
validate your existing database,
refreshing your decayed data.

Leads that Grow your Business

Leads Generated


Data Accuracy

Higher Conversion

Setting to Increase
your Sales Pipeline

We increase your sales productivity and
reduce costs by arranging targeted
appointments for your sales team. Let us do the legwork whilst they focus on selling.

Structured sales funnels
that drives high conversions

We tailor a comprehensive outbound sales program, focused on each stage of the sales funnel. We pro-actively engage your target market, discuss your solutions, and set up screened appointments with high ROI.

Cost effective, Scalable

We create tailored outbound sales programs that are predictive and scalable. View lives sales data and campaign analytics. Optimize campaigns towards your target clients and effectively scale your sales pipeline.

Our Statistics


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Appointment Booked

Leads that Grow your Business

Leads Generated


Data Accuracy

Higher Conversion

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