Little Known Hacks to Finding the Best Recruiter to Propel Your Career



Personally selecting a recruiter isn’t always possible. Oftentimes it comes down to working with the company charged with recruitment for a particular role. However, if you want to land your dream job, you should know how to find the best recruiter.

Dream jobs don’t come easily and they certainly don’t grow on trees. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to focus on building long term relationships with recruiters who specialise in your profession. Having a good, solid relationship with a recruiter means they’ll be sure to let you know when suitable job opportunities arise. They’ll also be perfectly positioned to connect you with key decision-makers for each role because after all, it’s their client who may one day be your prospective boss. Building a genuine partnership means you’ll be alerted to great opportunities, possibly before job advertisements even hit the press.

Finding the best recruiter to propel career


There are many recruiters in the market, but only a limited number of successful ones. These are the ones who make a career out of recruitment, are stable and pursue their career over the long term. Over time, these types of recruiters build themselves a strong reputation through word of mouth, repeat business and satisfied clients. When searching for the ‘right’ recruiter, ask colleagues who work at similar seniority and in a similar field for their recommendations.


Extensive Network

Successful recruiters surround themselves with a strong network. Having an extensive network is key to their success. It’s essential they ensure continuous access to a wide pool of quality candidates as well as a broad group of employers in order to fuel their pipeline. A large majority of a recruiter’s role involves making connections with new candidates and companies to ensure their network is constantly expanding.

Industry Specialisation

If your expertise lies in sales, account management, presales or senior leadership roles,  do your research into recruiters that specialise within your domain. Recruiters that specialise will be able to provide you with deep domain knowledge and highly relevant market information. They will have a deep understanding of the dynamics of your industry, nature of compensation packages, and also hold strong relationships and access to highly specific opportunities that a generalist will not.

Catapulting your Career 

Building a long term relationship with a career recruiter means they’ll develop an intricate understanding of exactly what you’re looking for in terms of career opportunities. They should therefore be in a good position to identify opportunities that directly correlate with your personal career aspirations.

They’ll also be supporting you to achieve your career goals by increasing your exposure and presenting opportunities that enable you to pursue these goals. It’s not uncommon for employers to engage a recruiter rather than having to run an entire recruitment process on their own, and this means that some roles are never even advertised.

Being on the books with the right recruiter means you’ll be privy to opportunities that you may otherwise miss. This is particularly the case when it comes to the more senior and subsequently higher-paying roles.


Many employers these days are engaging the assistance of recruiters because they’re specialists in what they do. Recruiters ultimately save employers time and expense by undertaking intensive research for them. Building a long term relationship with a recruiter is fun and it also means you’ll enlist the services of your own personal spokesperson. Having someone else recommend you to an employer is likely to have a far greater effect than if you were to submit your resume directly, sight unseen.

Your recruiter will also have the ability to negotiate sensitive considerations such as the prospective salary and job title on offer. Developing a meaningful partnership with a recruiter means they’ll likely support your preferences in this regard.

Finding the best recruiter to propel career

Communication Strategy

A significant influence on your decision should be the way the recruiter talks and listens to you. A beneficial recruiter will listen carefully to what you say and will contact you with opportunities that match your needs. A careless or impersonal recruiter will hear what you have to say but won’t absorb the information. This will prevent them from matching you with the right opportunities and will therefore hinder your chances of career advancement.

Building Trust

Relationships are based on trust and so should the one you have with your recruiter. Try to gauge whether your preferred recruiter is trusted by their client companies. This indicator provides great insight as to whether they can truly be trusted. Trust is critical when it comes to building a relationship with a recruiter because you need to know they’ll pass the right information to prospective employers and will support your application 110%.

Finding the Right Recruiter

How does one search for a savvy recruiter? Aside from asking expert colleagues in your field for word of mouth referrals, another tactic is to contact the human resources department of top employers in your industry. Ask them which search firms they use when hiring talent for their company or firm. You can also check trade or industry groups for particular referrals.

Many recruiters join industry bodies or associations as a means of expanding their network and connecting with professionals in their field of expertise. Another effective strategy is to look at populate job boards such as to see which recruiters are advertising the jobs in your sector and subsequently contacting them directly.

Following up by background screening them on LinkedIn can help you evaluate their background (how long they have been recruiting for, or handling applicants in your industry) and the connections you share (people you can reach out to ask about them).

The job-hunting process can sometimes be time-consuming and stressful but working with one or two highly effective and specialist recruiters can save you energy, stress, time and might open doors for you that may have been otherwise closed. As you can see, the benefits of selecting the right recruiter will go a long way towards creating future opportunities for your career success. Use the tips on how to find the best recruiter provided to you above.


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