APAC WealthTech Market Growth After COVID-19: An Expert Roundup

by | Oct 30, 2020


The WealthTech market in the Asia Pacific region shows a promising future. With the fast-paced developments in tech and wealth management, it’s expected for the industry to see bigger and better innovations. The Wealth Mosaic shares that the region boasts of its expanding client base, which many consider as more tech-savvy compared to the market in North America and Europe.


However, there has been a lot of discussions on how the market will move forward following the spread of COVID-19 in various parts of the world. Will the pandemic hinder the sector to grow in the region? What can be expected from the client base of the sector? Will it continue to expand or will its growth plateau?  


What about the American and European companies who want to expand in APAC? Will they push through with their expansion? Also, how will APAC-based companies adapt to the market?  

With this in mind, we’ve come up with an expert roundup on APAC wealtech market growth after the pandemic. We’ve invited three professionals leading the WealthTech market in APAC to share their thoughts: 

  • Yoshi Yokokawa, Co-Founder & CEO at Alpaca
  • Kevin Hardy, General Manager Asia Pacific and Member of Group Executive Board at additiv


Here are the two questions that we’ve asked them:

  • How will the APAC WealthTech market change in 2021?
  • How is the outlook for Wealthtech companies in terms of growth and development look?

Check out their responses below:


   Yoshi Yokokawa  

Yoshi Yokokawa

Co-Founder & CEO 



How will the APAC WealthTech market change in 2021?

Looking at the global fintech trend, I feel that “cross-border fintech” will earn more attention and funding in the coming years. This was triggered by the change of how the tech community has transformed itself to be remote-first due to the COVID-19, which I don’t think will return to the old normal even after the vaccines are to be distributed. This also caused people in the tech community and their minds to expand internationally instead of having very much the only-US focus. 


The APAC WealthTech market will be highly impacted by the internationalization of US tech where more companies will seek for more business opportunities globally. More US fintech companies will try to expand internationally by both partnering with local regulated companies in APAC or by providing the infrastructure to be adopted by local companies. Alpaca (https://alpaca.markets) is no exception to this, and we are shifting our focus to the global market to offer access to the US stock investments to users globally by partnering with local financial services and startups. 

What does the outlook for Wealthtech companies in terms of growth and development look? 

With the trend of “cross-border” emphasis, we have changed the team from Silicon Valley heavy organization to a fully globally distributed organization across multiple continents. This has allowed us to obtain a better understanding of local cultures when going after different jurisdictions. 


APAC is an important region for Alpaca (https://alpaca.markets) not only because I am from Japan, but also we are confident about the explosive growth of interest in US stock investments from the region. It is true that the region closely looks at what is trending in the US market. As long as the companies can figure out the complexity of the APAC cultures and regulations, I expect more wealthtech firms will try to expand in the region.  

Kevin Hardy

Kevin Hardy

General Manager Asia Pacific and Member of the Group Executive Board


How will the APAC WealthTech market change in 2021?

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in consumers ‘demanding’ instant, seamless omni-channel services, such digital expectations will become more profound in 2021.

APAC’s winners in wealth management must provide digitised experiences – offering client’s rich functionality which interprets and draws insight from multiple datasets.  Simultaneously clients expect more personalised and specific outcomes such as sustainable themes that deliver stable high returns.

This demands digital age wealth management technology.  But IT budgets are tight, and many firms suffer aged architecture.  However, these services can be sourced via the cloud, creating low-cost, highly configurable and fast access. This levels the playing field, so expect challenges from providers willing to embrace these services.

What does the outlook for Wealthtech companies in terms of growth and development look?

Expect significant growth opportunities in APAC for additiv and the industry as WealthTech democratises and extends the reach of savings and investments.

Customers want to be 100% digital, additiv’s range of wealth management solutions are designed to achieve this, and are configurable not coded, thus avoiding the ‘broken IT infrastructure’ challenge. We allow clients to consume from their existing core systems yet deliver the scalable and adaptable e2e digital experiences their consumers deserve.

Speed is essential, consequently we launched our KickStarter™ program in the midst of the pandemic. Our SaaS model can be delivered in 3 months with no upfront capex, only SaaS fees are applicable.

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    A promising outlook for the APAC Wealthtech Market

    Despite the unexpected twist and turns that resulted from the pandemic, Asia Pacific’s wealthtech market remains to show huge potential. Our invited experts agree that the current situation will most likely result in the expansion of UK and US based wealthtech companies. If anything, COVID has sped up the timeline, opening opportunities to growing tech hubs such as the APAC.

    Datasearch Consulting would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our guest contributors, Yoshi Yokokawa and Kevin Hardy. Thank you for generously sharing your insights on the Wealthtech market.

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