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Data Companies

Increase Sales and



Datasearch Growth is a Singapore headquartered research and lead generation frim focused purely on the Technology & Data sectors.

Our experienced team of sales & technology professionals act as your trusted partner in developing a robust sales pipeline, making your growth the centre of focus.



We prove a list of priority targets, from our specialized database and outreach programs, covering the following filters:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Email (QA Tested)
  • Direct Phone Numbers (optional)


Email Prospecting

Tailored messages to your list of prospects to enhance your brand and generate interest

Phone Script Development

Customized call scripts to your targeted list to promote your services.

Appointment Setting

Confirmed sales appointments with interested prospects.

Lead Research

Highly Targeted Client Data

Our experienced data analysts will meticulously research, source, and verify premium lead data, all tailored to match your target client profile. Discover how we can elevate your outreach strategies today.


Data that

Drives Revenue

Datasearch Growth is the leading technology and data, research provider. Many of our specialist researchers come from the tech and data industry and truly understand the dynamics of your target market.


Inside Sales

Appointment Setting to Increase your Sales Pipeline

We boost your sales productivity and cut costs by arranging precise appointments for your sales team. Let us manage the groundwork, freeing your team to focus on their strengths: selling.

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