Candidate Recruitment Today: Challenges, Trends and Insights

by | Aug 31, 2021

Recruiters in APAC have their work cut out for them, especially during these challenging times. Besides making a few adjustments to accommodate online hiring processes, we also have to deal with other problems. For starters, while the Asia Pacific region continues to drive significant interest among multinational businesses and promising startups, there’s still a massive talent shortage. 

Singapore – one of the major tech hubs of Asia – continues to contend with a technology talent shortage. Meanwhile, in Hongkong, 95 percent of FinTech firms claim that they also struggle to find talents. TechWire Asia also notes that the APAC region, in general, has yet to find a way to address the talent shortage issue. Consequently, the limited talent pool increases competition amongst companies.

But what do all these things mean for an aspiring candidate? A lot of things, actually. As a specialist recruiter myself, I have seen the consequences of these challenges and trends in recruitment on the candidates. And we will tackle them one by one in our discussion below.  

    Which is Better – To Work in a Startup or an Established Company?

    Many candidates are on the fence, struggling to choose between working for an established company or a startup. Do you find yourself stuck in the same predicament? 

    Thanks to the flourishing startup landscape in APAC and the large number of multinational companies establishing their offices in the region, qualified professionals have a surplus of options to choose from.  

    When considering your choice between the two, you can use the following questions as your guide:

    • How comfortable are you in solving problems on your own?
    • Do you mind dealing with changing responsibilities regularly? 
    • What are your current priorities in terms of career advancement, perks, and compensation?

    It would also help to familiarize yourself with the critical differences between working for an established organization and a startup. 

    Staying in the Current Company vs Looking for a New Job

    Around 80 percent of candidates prefer staying safe in the company they currently work in unless they find a more suitable choice. And that’s perfectly understandable, especially during these times when having a stable job means so much for people. While some feel comfortable with where they are right now, others want to find greener pastures. 

    If you belong to the latter group but find yourself conflicted in making a decision, you might find it helpful to consider the following:

    Company Background

    The company’s history, mission, vision and goals, and current market performance are among the top things you should look into when applying for a position. That’s because it provides a quick overview of what it would feel like to work for this specific organization and what you can expect moving forward. 

    Salary and other Benefits 

    While monetary compensation isn’t the only main factor you should look at, there’s no denying that it can make or break a job offer.

    The Role and Responsibilities 

    Most people who leave their current job say they feel stuck and uninspired in their position. This is mostly because their personal goals no longer align with their career path. 

    If you find yourself in the situation, then it might help to look at the roles and responsibilities of your prospective job. Can it provide you the growth opportunities you want? Can the new company provide learning or training options? What’s the timeline for your career advancement? 

    Relocation or Remote Working Options 

    Some job opportunities require their employees to relocate, while others provide the chance to work remotely. Find out what sort of working arrangement you need to adhere to, especially if your goal is to stay in your home city or country.

    Your Passion 

    Personally, I believe that when you pursue your passion, monetary compensation eventually follows. So, it might help you a lot to go for the option that you think you will enjoy the most. 

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