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Financial Technology is experiencing a boom throughout the APAC. It has reshaped financial markets and systems and improved customer experience. Because of the growing market, many investors and entrepreneurs have started investing in their own Fintech companies. With the increasing competition, businesses need to think of ways to stand out. One way to that is to use the right Fintech content marketing tools and strategies. With the right plan, companies can identify the right market plus create and curate lead capturing and converting content.

Below are some of the most effective tools you can use to market your Fintech business using online content this 2020.

Audience Segmentation

Select your target market and develop content directed to them. Design your message with more focus that speaks straight to the audience. It’s important for Fintech startups to understand market behavior.

This can be based on your geographical, online behaviors, shared characteristics or even if your targets are in sales funnel. Once you have segmented your audience, it’s time to personalize the message based on brand, persona, need and the way the audience wants to see the content.

Research your target markets, how much screen time do they use? What device do they use generally to browse? Find out the best time in a day to deliver your message by comparing there open rates of previously sent test mails. Keep monitoring the open rates which will help to identify your product needs. 

Content Customization 

Be it a Fintech Startup or Fintech companies who are spreading wings across different regions. How you deliver your content is very important. Ask yourself, if there are minimal regulatory laws and as a customer what would you like to see from the rising Fintech firm. This allows you to communicate a stronger message. 

For any Fintech firm, a deeper understanding of your audience will help you to design a better message and deliver the way that resonates especially for them. It’s also not just about creating content, it is also about using those content tools that help to escalate that content. 

We have seen the rise in integrated campaigns, which covers various social channels, growing your company brand awareness and lead generation. 

Social Media Strategies

Social media is among the best tools used to generate sales leads both for B2B and B2C models.

By posting optimized and targeted content in the right media channels, a business can potentially capture a substantial number of warm leads. 

Both organic and paid traffic on social media can churn out growth and revenue building opportunities for your company. On top of that, you can maximize social media platforms to learn the latest content marketing trends. For example, I am currently subscribed to the Fintech Weekly newsletter. I make use of the information I get here to write my own copies. This is where the major power of social media, blogs, online forums steps in. 

Advance Conversion

How you market your content, expand your lead generation program and reaching the right target market helps in client retention too. At least once a quarter reviews your leads, speak to both the sales and marketing team to understand whether the leads content created value. Review it and tailor-make your message. 

These fintech content marketing tools and strategies will help amplify your lead generation. It doesn’t matter if you are  budding company or a well-established firm because there are plenty of opportunities you can grab. Make use of an in-house team or partner with an agency who understands your market and how you want to do business.


Salma Kazi is the Business Development Executive at Datasearch Growth, a specialist lead generation firm focused on helping Financial Technology vendors grow. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how lead generation can help your business feel free to reach out on for a more detailed discussion.

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