How and Where to Find a Job in Fintech in APAC this Coming 2021

by | Nov 27, 2020

The fintech sector is expected to be among the winners during this global pandemic. In fact, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, the investments in private APAC fintechs grew to $1.4 billion during the second quarter of the year. With the market’s promising outlook, one can expect to see more companies ramp up their recruitment again. There are plenty of highly active sectors that can potentially hire more people including contactless payments, wealth management, and online payment processing.

However, just like in every other industry, the job market for fintech professionals is also highly competitive. With more people looking to fill job vacancies, you need to have a robust strategy. You can start by knowing more about how and where to find a fintech job opportunity in APAC.       


Where to look for fintech job vacancies

There are a plethora of options available when looking for fintech job opportunities. When choosing and using a platform, you should keep in mind two things, namely, the type of listings they offer and the searchability of the app or site. To help you find the best listings out there, here are some of the best places you can check:  


1. Job boards

Job boards have been around for a while. Back in the day, they are the go-to portal of job seekers in various industries, including fintech. Some examples of popular job boards include Jobstreet, Monster, and JobsDB. They come extra handy for their extensive list of job openings, but sometimes, you need to sort through spammy or junk listings. In addition, even though a lot of companies post their job openings on job portals, some prefer to hire through other channels. This means you could potentially miss out on other job opportunities.

2. Niche job boards

Niche job boards are also another popular choice among fintech job applicants. Some notable examples of fintech-specific job boards include eFinancial careers and SFA (Singapore Fintech Association). Unlike general job portals such as those enumerated above, niche job sites provide more specific and relevant job openings. You also have more control over the job listing you see.

3. Search engines

Planning to cast a wider net? You can make use of search engines like Google, Bing, and Altavista. They can provide quality job listings if you use the right technique. Here are two tips you can use when searching for a job online: 

    • Make use of the right keywords – Ideally, you should include your target position then add the word jobs at the end of the phrase. It’s also useful to add localization tags if you want to find jobs near you.
    • Use advanced search operators – For example, you can add quotation marks at the beginning and ending of your search phrase to find exact match results. You may also use Boolean logic to further refine search results. 

4. Job search engines

It may also be worth it to look for postings on job search engines like Indeed. While most of the listings are mirrored from other job boards, you might just find a unique posting that could fit your needs. 

5. Linkedin

Nowadays, more and more professionals are turning to LinkedIn when job hunting. You can use it to find job opportunities within your network. You can also optimize your fintech linkedin profile to get noticed by recruiters. Alternatively, you can also visit the pages of fintech specialist recruiters such as the Datasearch Consulting to look for the job postings they are currently sourcing for.  

Perks of applying through a recruiter

Another excellent option to use when looking for a fintech job posting is through a specialist recruiter. It is in a way one of the best options out there because a lot of conservative companies today are hiring through recruiters. Also, there is a large fraction of employers who hire through recruiters because they want to save time and find the right applicants to fill a vacancy. Sometimes, recruiters also speak with companies and suggest creating a job requisition for a highly deserving candidate. 


Recruiters such as Datasearch Consulting also have extensive connections in the fintech industry. This way, you can ensure that you find jobs that best suit your skills. Also you can get a good grasp of the position you’re applying for, plus the compensation and benefits offered by a hiring company. 

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    Things to remember when looking for a fintech job online

    Now that you have a bit of background on the best places to look for a fintech job opening in APAC, your next priority is to further improve your strategy. A good way you start is by identifying the best keywords to use. Do a bit of research to check what search phrases you should use for a specific role. It’s a good idea to find the right balance between using general and specific keywords so you can find listings suitable for you.

    Also, if you’re looking to fill in-demand fintech roles, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the necessary skills and experience needed. This way, you can easily position yourself as the right candidate for the job.

    Lastly, you can tap into hashtags, especially when you look for job postings on LinkedIn. Hashtags are quite useful for job seekers because it can help with the following:

    • Getting noticed by recruiters sourcing candidates online
    • Finding possible job openings from company HRs
    • Getting to know a company’s office culture through the hashtags of their employees

    Plenty of fintech job openings waiting to be filled


    The financial technology market in the Asia Pacific is definitely headed towards an exciting and promising path. Professionals hoping to be a part of the industry should maximize the available opportunities in various fintech companies. Truly, finding a job today comes with a lot of challenges, but it’s not impossible. With the right strategy, a good career track record and the necessary skills, you too can land a job in a Fintech firm.

    Looking to fill a fintech job in any of the Asia Pacific countries? Check out our APAC fintech job board. We have new postings each month for various fintech roles.

    Alexis Nicole Amarillo is a Director for Operations & Research at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Technology & Data sectors.

    You can download their FREE comprehensive guide on “The Complete Guide to Hiring Fintech & Data Talent – 5 Proven Steps to Secure your Ideal Fintech or Data Role”. Alternatively, you can view the Datasearch Consulting website or contact them directly on for a more detailed discussion.

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