How to Find and Hire the Best Tech Talent in 2022

by | Feb 28, 2022

The world of tech has not been insulated from the global shifts in talent as a result of the great resignation, and ongoing COVID-related pressures on the digital economy.

From the rise of hybrid work to the importance of ethical leadership, not to mention the immense weight of global digital transformation, the shifting sands of employee expectations and workforce management have created a perfect storm of talent shortages.


Coupled with slow-moving legacy enterprises, the tech sector is going through a unique period of consistent growth where demand outstrips supply, and companies can’t innovate fast enough.


This has, inevitably, caused a huge talent shortage issue in the tech sector:

  • 71% of millennial employees aged 25-34 signaling they will be looking for a new role in the coming year…(and) more than half of Singaporean workers (59%) are planning to look for a new job within the next 12 month


  • There are signs of a “shortage of 47 million tech talent by 2030 in the Asia-Pacific region”
    67% of leaders indicated demand for talent was driven primarily by growth”


  • The tech skills sector is a vibrant, fast-moving, and attractive talent pool of driven people of all ages, and it’s worth highlighting what the main tech jobs are to determine where and how to go about building a recruitment strategy to attract them.


Software Engineer: the design, testing, and development of software applications fall to Software Engineers – one of the most important and in-demand of workers. While software engineers are primarily tech- and platform-based coders and programmers, they have to be attuned to UX, customer demand, platform limits, trends and advancements, and iterative working practices.


Cybersecurity: one of the hardest sectors to recruit for, yet one of the most essential, is cybersecurity professionals. As cybercrime exponentially rises year on year, the solution lies with eagle-eyed digital operatives who are capable of spotting vulnerabilities and rapidly executing fixes.


Data Analytics: Big Data is the digital fuel of the future, and someone needs to clean it, organize it, and communicate it to stakeholders. Enter, the Data Analyst. They are required in almost every industry, and their skills provide the foundation of digital presence, effectiveness, and success.


Solution Architect: Solutions Architects are tech-savvy decision-makers, who evaluate a company’s digital requirements and implement IT solutions. They have to be incredibly knowledgeable, driven, passionate about the integration of tech, and have a steady hand when it comes to decision making.


DevOps Engineer: DevOps professionals are the glue that holds entire digital ecosystems together, creating efficiencies across departments and user bases to create more integrated, streamlined, effective digital processes.


Cloud Engineer: As the world turns to the cloud, tech companies need leaders on the ground to implement migration and integration of cloud processes into internal systems.


Full Stack Developer: Full Stack professionals are double-facing superheroes, capable of working at both the back and front end of an application.

What does tech talent want to see in an employer’s recruitment process?

  • Fast, personalized interviews: recruiting simply takes too long. One of the chief issues of workers in tech is slow-moving interview processes. If you like a candidate, pull the trigger. If you don’t, most tech professionals know someone else will.


  • Relevant benefit structures: if your company operates remotely, what use is an office-based gym? You need to create packages of employment that suit the demands and needs of a decentralized workforce. Utilize personalized benefits packages to suit each staff member, and remember to communicate!


  • Empathy rules: your leadership style will be under the microscope during the interview process. Workers of all stripes want more servant leaders – leaders who will build and consistently maintain a working environment for the employees to thrive, think creatively, and explore solutions to issues.


  • Pay accordingly: there is no excuse for paying under the odds for talent. Long gone are the days of paying staff less for working remotely, staggering bonuses on performance, or leading with legacy KPI metrics to determine salary hikes. You need to incentivize your staff with your wallet, on day one – you cannot afford not to.

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How can recruiters help?


The tech recruitment market is, for want of a better term, a bull recruitment market – the cost of recruitment is rising, the costs for staff are rising, but on the tech growth machine moves and you need to make sure you’ve spread your net far and wide enough to draw the right talent to you.


Recruiters, especially specialist tech recruiters like Datasearch Consulting, are your solution.


Whether you utilize contractors or contingency workforces or decide to walk the path of RPO, the inherent flexibility and affordability of professional tech recruitment companies prove the point that relying on specialists makes a world of difference.

Need help in finding tech talents for a Singapore-based company? You can count on Datasearch Consulting to lend you a hand.

While the talent market has undoubtedly become more competitive for both recruiters and HR professionals, we remain dedicated to connecting our partners with the right tech or IT talent.

Connect with us at Datasearch Consulting for more information about our recruitment solutions for tech companies and functions.

Gary Dean is a Director at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Financial Technology & Market Data sectors.

You can download their FREE comprehensive guide on “The Complete Guide to Hiring Fintech & Data Talent – 5 Proven Steps to Secure the Best Candidates Possible” here. Alternatively you can view the Datasearch Consulting website or contact them directly on for a more detailed discussion.

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