Interviewing for a Fintech Sales Role? Do Your Research!



Track record carries much weight in a sales professional’s career. Their achievements are badges of honour, and they rightfully tell their sales “war stories” with a great amount of personal pride. Sales is one of the toughest professions as the line between success and failure is brutally obvious, so most sales professionals expect any interview to be an exploration of how they made sure that they stayed on the right side of that line. However, not every sales role is the same, especially in the financial technology industry.

Interviewing for a fintech sales role 

In Fintech markets that are moving at a rapid pace, it is vital to show an affinity for the industry niche of your employer. One of the worst things that any sales professional can say is “oh, I’m sure that it is similar to what you do” when they compare their past experience with what potentially lies ahead. 

It will definitely be different, and if someone does not have an initial appreciation of those differences, how will they be able to sell those subtle differences to a potential client? 

The best senior sales candidates do enough research that they can already see the issues through the lens of their future employer rather than the rose-tinted glasses of their previous experience. They understand that they need to “talk the talk” if a potential employer is to imagine them sealing deals with a client.

This requires a huge amount of research during a job search and it should really take up at least 80% of job seeker’s time. 

How Datasearch Consulting help fintech sales job seekers

One of our key roles in any sales search is to be the first point of contact for these research efforts. We ourselves at Datasearch Consulting need to have a forensic understanding of what the hiring company is looking for. Hence, our fintech job recruitment process involves a deep dive into what they do and where they are going.

We won’t force this information down a candidate’s throat (and sadly not all are that interested), but if they are interested enough we will do our utmost to ensure that they are informed as possible.

Secondly, we are firm believers in employer brands being open about their culture and their direction. Any external marketing messages should be carefully consumed and we have even had candidates who have approached individuals within a hiring company to pick their brains on various subjects.

You don’t want to harass people, but in a few instances this has genuinely paid off. Social media is bringing people ever closer, and there is nothing wrong with a quick message “Hi, I am thinking of joining you and I wanted to ask you this?” 


A sales professional who comes in with an understanding of what lies ahead is already in a strong position. If they spend half the interview asking questions about things that they could have found out themselves, then I don’t rate their chances very highly.

Interviewing for a fintech sales role? We highly recommend doing your homework. This way you have every chance of securing that dream job in the fintech sales industry.


Alan Anwar is the Managing Director at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Financial Technology & Data sectors.

You can download their FREE comprehensive guide on “The Complete Guide to Hiring Fintech & Data Talent – 5 Proven Steps to Secure your Ideal Fintech or Data Role”. Alternatively, you can view the Datasearch Consulting website or contact them directly on for a more detailed discussion.

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