Lead Generation and Inside Sales for Fintechs this 2021

by | Mar 8, 2021

The fintech market in APAC has grown massively during the pandemic. In a way, it has also helped the economy stay afloat as more people turn to digital transactions when accessing products and services. It has played a crucial part in providing the world with essential financial services when there’s limited options for face-to-face interactions.  

On top of that, fraud solutions, core banking, artificial intelligence and other aspects of financial technology services have taken the center stage and helped companies and consumers in more ways that we can imagine.  

However, it’s worth noting that many firms have been dealing with funding issues in the last few quarters. In response to that, some had to alter their business model to fully optimise their cash flow. Additionally, because of this pressing concern regarding funding, firms have to innovate their strategies in generating leads to keep their sales team busy.  

The situation has also highlighted the importance of having a robust inside sales pipeline – one that’s designed to meet the needs of the customers and fully maximise follow-up and feedback. 

Lead Generation and Inside Sales Importance in Today’s Market

Notably, lead generation and inside sales have been keeping many fintechs afloat during this crisis. Without targeted leads coming into the pipeline and the high-touch transactions of inside sales specialists, it becomes virtually impossible to keep the revenue flowing. 

This is a challenge that both existing and expanding companies face and will continue to face even after the situation settles down. Whether you’re a small firm aiming to expand this year or a large organization that hopes to tap into a new market, you can benefit from having a well-established system for lead generation and inside sales. To do that you’ll need the following: 

      • A database of verified and targeted leads for your business
      • A working sales funnel that will help you convert leads into paying customers
      • A knowledgeable team inside sales professionals who know everything about your products and services and your target market
      • Cold calling scripts that are specifically tailored for your brand and your dream clients
      • Tech solutions such as CRM software, email marketing tools and reporting and analytics apps

Now, as a fintech vendor dealing with the current market challenges, you have two options in order to move forward. One would be to build your own team of lead generation and inside sales professionals and create your pipeline from scratch or at least improve what you already have. Another option would be to outsource your needs to a specialist firm that has the means and resources to help you generate and convert leads.  

In-house vs Outsourced

No doubt, choosing between the options can be quite challenging for some fintech vendors. Generally, to pick the most suitable choice, you would need to consider the following:

      • The experience and skills of your team in generating lead and running inside sales campaigns
      • The quality of the leads you want to produce
      • The timeline that you need to produce results
      • Your budget and resources 
      • Your team’s ability to do follow-ups and feedbacks

From a practical standpoint, outsourcing makes sense for many firms because it cuts the time needed to create your own inside sales setup or hire new people for inside sales. Also, it eliminates the guesswork as specialist teams like Datasearch Growth already have an established method that works for both inside sales and lead generation.   

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Working with Datasearch for Fintech Inside Sales and Lead Generation

Ready to start outsourcing your fintech inside sales and lead generation? Our team has been helping fintechs all over the Asia Pacific with their lead generation needs for quite a while now. 

We stand by the quality of the leads we provide as they’re all new and fully verified by our team. This means that you don’t end up wasting your time and resources on poor-quality leads. In addition, all the leads we provide match your target client profile to help you engage with the right customers.   

As a full-service company, we also provide inside sales services to help you convert the leads gathered into buying customers. We handle every aspect of an inside sales campaign – from email prospecting, phone script development, and appointment setting. This way, you can focus your energy and resources on other essential parts of the business, such as research and development, developing your business plan, and reaching out to investors or partners. 

Datasearch Growth is here to Lend you a Hand

Lead generation and inside sales for fintech firms can be quite daunting for some people because of the amount of work and skills needed. The recent events have also made things even more challenging as the market becomes more and more competitive and funding grows thin for some firms. 

Without a doubt, both processes are critical to helping a fintech company turn in more revenue, expand its reach, and weather the financial storm caused by COVID-19. If you’re a fintech vendor looking to expand your company or find better ways to reach your market, Datasearch Growth is here to help.  

Get in touch with us today for more information about our service. We’d be happy to be your partner in growing your business. 

Alexis Nicole Amarillo is a Director for Operations & Research at Datasearch Growth, a specialist lead generation firm focused on helping Technology and Data vendors grow. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how lead generation can help your business feel free to reach out on alexis@datasearchconsulting.com for a more detailed discussion.

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