Most In-Demand Fintech Roles This Coming 2021

by | Jan 29, 2021

Fintech is undeniably a force to reckon with, especially  how the recent events have unfolded. If you have noticed in the past few months, more and more countries now do their transactions online. It has also welcomed a new and exciting era of financial inclusion, especially in countries where the number of unbanked individuals is high. With all these exciting trends waiting to slowly fall into place as we welcome 2021, we thought of creating a roundup of all the possible in-demand roles in the fintech industry. 

Whether you’re an aspiring fintech professional or a company looking to build a talent pool, the list will provide you with an overview of what’s to come for fintech, specifically in the APAC region. 

Quick updates on APAC Fintech Market

Before deep-diving into the most in-demand fintech roles in 2021, we figured it’s to give you an overview of the potential market trends in the APAC fintech sector for the coming new year:

  • The fintech industry is expected to expand up to 25 percent by 2020
  • China leads in eCommerce, making it one of the leading fintech hubs in the APAC region
  • Contactless payment will continue to show massive growth because of the increased demand
  • The demand for online payments, mobile wallets, and eCommerce will continue to surge
  • Companies may face numerous cybersecurity challenges due to the booming market
  • There is an increasing demand for WealthTech, especially in using tech-centric solutions 

Most in-demand fintech roles in APAC

With these exciting trends, one can expect to see more growth in the industry. If you’re seeking for career growth, APAC fintech’s promising future could provide you with every opportunity that you might need. Below are some of the best financial technology career options that you might want to check out.

Data Science Analysts/ Visualization Professionals

The demand for data analysts and visualization professionals is also expected to continue its upward trend. These types of professionals come extra handy in various fintech processes such as:

  • Creating risk modelling systems
  • Improving customer experience
  • Planning product and process improvement tactics
  • Setting up personalised marketing
  • Detecting fraudulent activities

Wealthtech and Robo-advisors


The WealthTech market in APAC has a great outlook. It continues to show growth even with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the increased market demand, you can expect to see companies to start pooling WealthTech talents such as robo-advisors and control management analysts. 

AI and Machine Learning 


Many fintech companies have been utilizing AI and Machine Learning to create efficient processes and generate better and more detailed financial analysis. Both tech innovations also play a crucial role in preventing fraudulent activities and making sound decisions. Some of the specific roles that you may want to look into include: 

  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • AI/Machine Learning/ NLP Engineer
  • AI Developer/ Software Developer
  • Machine learning Researcher/Scientist

Cybersecurity Specialists

With the increased number of work from home professionals and online transactions, we might also see companies hiring cybersecurity experts. Roles like cybersecurity engineers, security administrators, cybersecurity analysts, risk managers, and information security officers may be among the leading talents companies will hire in the coming years.  

Mobile App Developers

With the sudden influx of demand for mobile payment, online lending, and online transactions, companies might also start pooling and hiring mobile app developers. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in mobile app or software development should have the fundamental skills needed, such as:

  • Knowledge in using basic programming languages
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to create or work on databases
  • Adept in AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning

Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals are equally crucial in keeping fintech organisations afloat. With their help, companies can increase their brand awareness and contribute to their lead generation tactics. Roles such as marketing manager, market development lead, digital marketing specialists, SEO, and content marketing experts will continue to stay relevant in the fintech niche even after 2021. 

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Expected Growth in Sales & Lead Generation Roles

Although it’s a hard time for the economy as the coronavirus impacts business activity and companies of all sizes – reducing staff levels, job openings, and training for new employees is still important. The sales workforce is on shaky ground and at risk of getting laid off due to stagnant business activity. However, recently we have seen a rise in sales, business development, and lead generation roles in the APAC region as the market recovers. 

As sales is the backbone of every other company, fintech companies also need to have sales and lead generation professionals in their team. Such roles are pivotal to the survival of a company, especially during these times when funding is hard to come by, and the market is facing a lot of uncertainties. The demand for such talent will most likely increase as companies start transitioning to a post-COVID era. 

We expect to see more B2B FinTech mid to senior-level sales roles such as inside sales rep, outbound business development, customer success manager, or founder due to their critical part in a company’s growth.

A promising future for fintech professionals

The situation hasn’t fully settled yet, so many things can potentially change in the next few months. The only thing certain is that the fintech industry isn’t going anywhere. Progress may not be as fast as initially expected, but it will continue to prosper as the demand for digital transactions continues to skyrocket. If anything, fintech professionals will most likely continue to thrive and adapt to the new market. 

If you’re looking to fill a Senior Management, Sales & Account Management, Presales, Implementation and Technical position in a fintech organisation here in the APAC, feel free to browse through our fintech job search page. We have new listings each month in various fintech niches. You can also join our newsletter to get the latest market news and trends. 

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