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by | Apr 1, 2020

“Remote work is the future of work.”Alexis Ohanian, Reddit

When I started working with Datasearch, the concept I liked was work flexibility. Remote working or say working from home is not a very new concept. It traces it roots to the time before the internet was born. However, due to the recent events, the work from home setup might become the new norm. Most organizations have this in place for quite some time including banks, IT companies, and FinTech startups.


Working from home – Journey begins…


My previous company where we start our day at 8:30 am and ends by 5:30 pm which is quite structured and 90% of the organization follows the same. For me, I use to feel, that sitting in office enhances productivity which is true but when I joined Datasearch Consulting I still felt with the flexible work environment my productivity was more as well as I can still say work, life balance.  

A company like Datasearch is building a business where skilled people are based everywhere where you achieve max productivity and efficiency by enabling employees giving them flexibility and work where they like. If someone is showing lethargy at work you can see productivity in the office or working from any place. 

Certainly, as a senior leader, working moms are somewhat expected to compromise the time with the family. Little do I know planning, organizing and working has made my workspace fun and improved my productivity. Speaking of my experience, if I work from home someday even a short moment during the workday with the kid around has quite an effect. Conversations seeded some good results. 

With this global pandemic, most companies now opt to work from home for their employees. When I speak to my clients, they give mixed reviews on how it impacts their day to day life. In a positive way, they find it easy minus if the network is strong and systems are not slow. 

What Employers need to see:  

  • Start downloading team communication apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and Google chat where there is zero investment involved 
  • Certainly face to face meetings have their own perks. Technology is bridging the gap. Encourage video calling at least twice or thrice a week with your team. 
  • Keep communicating with the employees. Be transparent to them.
  • Introduce team bonding activities
  • Conduct virtual training. Brainstorm on work strategies.
  • Come up with a crisis management plan.
  • Trust your employees that they will finish given work. Every individual will be accountable for his/her job. This also shows hiring the right people is the key to the success of any organization with the right work-life balance. 


What Employees Need to check: 

  • Working from home doesn’t mean you work in a comfort zone. 
  • Set your priorities straight.
  • Have a dedicated workstation. 
  • Keep moving sometimes, like to grab a coffee but make sure the time when you are at the workstation you are working.
  • Avoid overworking and for that it’s important to set reminders in your Google calendars. 
  • You need to keep yourself motivated. Certainly, working from home presents a lot of challenges. There will be plenty of distractions. You need to stay focused and be accountable for your work.  A self checklist is very important on how your day is going to look; this will help to make sure you are on track and away from distractions. 
  • Many people are tech savvy but when it comes to implying at work they feel they have been placed in the uncomfortable zone.  Keep talking to your peers to create a healthy work environment and also a good opportunity to build bonds. If you have a doubt ask them in the same way as if they are sitting next to you. Here technology plays a vital role If you prefer face to face interactions call them via Zoom or Skype. 
  • Very Importantly you also need to make sure you develop healthy habits like prepare healthy meals and start your day with some exercise/ Yoga. Now you are saving on travel time and investing this time on your health. 

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While speaking to my clients they have shared the challenges they are coming across during this Global pandemic COVID 19 and I was happy to share my experience with them as well as some clients who have already got productivity in place. 

“Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents. ” Michael Dell, Dell


Alexis Nicole Amarillo is a Director for Operations & Research at Datasearch Growth, a specialist lead generation firm focused on helping Technology and Data vendors grow. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how lead generation can help your business feel free to reach out on for a more detailed discussion.

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