Technology Recruitment: Seeking Candidates and Improving Hiring Process

by | Sep 30, 2021

Nowadays, living in the 21st century where technology has become a way of life in every industry, is becoming more distinct when it comes to improving and enhancing business ways or processes. The incorporation of technology from recruitment to retention and so on has provided new opportunities for recruiters and hiring companies to connect with candidates. In fact, the use of digital assets to speed up the recruitment process through conducting videos or mobile interviews has become a trend in recruitment technology. 

Tech companies are engaging in different approaches to overcome major recruitment challenges in finding the right or qualified candidates for their businesses. With the need to stand out from competitors and be able to cope with demands, requirements, and schedules, attracting talents has always been their battle. 

As part of our ongoing search for ways to help tech recruiters, here are some tips in attracting talents and making them stay. 

Create, improve, and maintain a positive company brand by leveraging social media through sharing photos, videos, or stories of your employees to demonstrate transparency and highlight your company culture. 

Seek employee referrals as the best people to promote your company are your employees. Since they are the ones who are experiencing the actual management, they can speak better for you through recommendations. At the same time, this will also make them feel their value in your company by considering their opinions in finding candidates.

Offer work from home/flexible hour options. This is one of the best deals you can offer to job-seekers especially during this time of outbreak/pandemic. 

Offer the highest salary possible. If your company’s brand has already made its way through the top, one big factor that will contribute to choosing you from other top companies is salary.  Otherwise, if your competitor’s offer is way over from what you can, there are other ways through.

Perks and Benefits. Aside from your salary packages, candidates will also look into benefits. As humans, we all have basic and essential needs. You can take advantage of this by offering them healthcare, learning development and opportunities. This will not just help you be picked among your competitors but also help you keep your employees. 

Now that you are equipped with things to consider in attracting candidates, it is also important to consider leveraging your data for improvements on your hiring process. Living in the age of technology has made it easier for us to gather data in general, and having more information gives us an advantage on what to do to improve operations, shorten timelines and find the best possible talents in the labour market.  

How to Leverage Data for Recruitment Process Improvements

Tracking of recruitment metrics plays an important role in improving your recruitment efforts and cost savings. 

Using data in your hiring process helps you allocate your budget more effectively to determine which recruiting channels give you the most qualified candidates. This will help you make smarter hiring decisions that give you the best chance of placing the right candidate in every open role. Some ways in collecting data efficiently are:

  • Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) 
  • Maximizing your website through tracking applications received, views on posts, interview results 
  • Conducting candidate surveys

Measuring the right metrics whether your company is big or small is also important as there are hundreds of data that may be collected to strengthen your recruiting process. Some of the most important contributors are:  

  • Cost per hire
  • Time to hire
  • Pass-Through Rate
  • Source of hire

Collecting these data may be time-consuming but using it in your hiring process increases your quality of hire. Always keep in mind that it is your eyes that evaluate the past and plan for the future. 

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George Mikhail is the Director – Technology & Data at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Cyber & Cloud Technology sectors

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