The Most In-Demand Fintech Roles Today


Fintech is among the fastest-growing industries in the tech sector today. In fact, each year new areas of specialization or “hot roles” emerge. Learning about these provides useful insights to candidates who want to explore more opportunities for growth and improvement. It’s also useful for employers who aim to understand the future of financial technology. Below is our list of the most in-demand fintech roles today.      


The financial technology market is continuously looking for ways to increase efficiency. That’s why more and more businesses choose to automate some key processes such as customer service, invoicing, and HR management. Companies get to reduce errors caused by human errors and biases and lessen the workload of their staff. There are different process automation strategies and businesses can choose depending on the tasks they need to work on.

In this area of expertise, there are several roles that a fintech talent can explore. Some examples include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developer and RPA operations manager.  

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is another key component that allows fintech companies to meet the demands of the market and decrease internal costs. AkeoLending explains that it also plays an important role in data management, client satisfaction, business continuity, and automated analysis. It’s a highly in-demand fintech role that requires qualified talents.  

Some examples of the roles classified under this area of specialisation include:

  • Software engineer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Software architect
  • Development operations engineer

Digital Workforce Solutions

The demand for digital transformation is expected to peak in a couple of years as a response to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. In effect, fintech institutions need to ramp up their efforts in digital workforce transformation. With the right system in place, employees get to maximise the uses and benefits of the technologies used by the company. Some examples of positions in this niche include digital transformation manager and digital business transformation advisor.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

There has been an increasing demand for Regulatory Technology or RegTech. A large number of fintechs are currently expanding their operations in this niche. These companies are looking into increasing their headcount. Fintechs in the Asia Pacific are mostly hiring talents in professional services, sales, and pre-sales.


Online scammers and thieves follow where the money goes. That’s why cybersecurity roles are among the most in-demand roles in the fintech market. Both multi-national companies and fintech startups need the help of a qualified cybersecurity expert. Specialists such as Data Protection Officers, Cloud Security engineers, and IT Security analysts can help identify areas vulnerable to breaches and create safer and more rigid systems.   

App Developers

A large fraction of fintech businesses have their own app or plans to build one. Some build them for their clientele, while others use their apps for internal purposes. As a result of this trend, companies are constantly looking for project-based or part-time app developers. In most cases, app developers work remotely but some companies opt to have an in-house expert.

Digital payments

Governments and other regulating bodies strongly advise against the use of cash during the pandemic in an effort to minimise the risk of disease transmission. On top of that, many people have limited access to send and receive money. 

In effect, the demand for cashless options and digital transactions reached record-breaking heights. To respond to this sudden shift, digital payment firms have started expanding their operation and recruiting new talents. There’s a long list of roles needed in this business. A few notable examples include customer service associates, HR managers, team managers, and software developers.

Key takeaways: Most In-Demand Fintech Roles

Although affected by the pandemic, fintech is among the many industries that are expected to come out strong. It will continue to be a busy and challenging niche for a wide range of professionals. Right now, there are various areas of specialisations in the business that show promising potential. 

It pays to learn about these regardless if you’re a career switcher or a business owner who wants to keep abreast of the latest market trend. We hope this list of in-demand fintech roles serves you well.

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