The post-pandemic guide to effective lead generation.

by | Sep 29, 2022

How times change. Like most industries, the post-pandemic lead generation and sales landscape world is littered with now-defunct legacy ideas and strategies.


As company needs and customer expectations changed in the wake of the pandemic, so too did the effective channels for connection and rapport building with potential customers.


Yet challenges still persist – budgets remain strained, risk mitigation has become even more of a high priority, and company figures whose responsibility lies in qualifying new leads and transporting them into the sales funnel are finding doors closed, emails not replied to and revenue falling off a cliff edge.


What we have found is that lead generation is evolving, and to really make the most of every connection and nascent sales relationship, you need to take heed of some of the biggest changes to lead generation strategy, such as leveraging your data, leaning on your brand and connecting with lead generation specialists to make every call, email and connection really count.

Here is where we feel real lead generation value now lies:

Does your data work?


We are flooded with data, and never has it been easier to access data on potential customers. 

But is the data you collect relevant, and do you have time to qualify all the leads?

The vast amounts of data sales teams now collect on leads and potential leads provide incredibly valuable customer and brand engagement insights. From helping segmentation strategies to visualizing sales improvements, data is the most important aspect of sales analysis, and lead generation leaders need to make sure it works for their teams.


Rather than sift through mountains of aimless data generated up and down the sales chain, it would be best to have prospect specific information. It’s all about relevancy, and utilizing only the most useful and relevant data to open the door with new customers or service users.


Chatbots and Automation.


Chatbots and Automation tools are good sources of leads but do you have time to follow up and qualify your inbound leads or entertain them all successively and effectively?

From sales marketing automation and lead generation development campaigns to implementing chatbots on your site to engage website visitors, automation tools make all the difference in creating more efficient, more effective ways to connect with leads. 

These tools give business leaders and sales managers more time to spend on creating content and developing long-term relationships with qualified, warmer leads, whilst simultaneously being an effective source of inbound leads. AI is your friend!

Generating digital conversations.


While your online presence will help brand reach and customer advocacy, can you maximize your prospects online? Are you using the digital sphere in the right way to make sure you’re not missing out on customers?

Online brand business success lies in where and how companies communicate with their audience and their customers, and how they provide targeted, lead-focused content.

But it’s worth reiterating that digital sales techniques have to be hyper-focused on brand placement and competitiveness to be truly effective. When applied consistently, digital strategies will aid lead generation, improve sales and improve brand placement.

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The fix? Utilizing specialist agencies.


As with any niche business development strategy, we urge companies to use specialists. Datasearch Growth is our niche lead generation business whose sole focus is client lead research and comprehensive inside sales development based on targeted sales and business development techniques, such as:

  • Reaching specific customers – Unlike most specialist leads generation companies, we only provide customized leads according to your needs. We research fresh leads and target specific industries, providing customizable data based on unique customer requirements.
  • Beyond customer sourcing – we extend our services beyond research and offer a sales executive to work with customers as part of our specific customer’s sales outreach, utilizing phone and email lead generation strategies, and customized call scripts to qualify leads, book meetings and extend your brand reach.


Utilizing specialist lead generation agencies to help curate sales revenue is one of the most effective ways of reaching new markets and customers, and creating sustainable relationships in a disrupted trading environment.


Need help in finding tech talents for a Singapore-based company? You can count on Datasearch Consulting to lend you a hand.

Our dedicated Lead Generation team is ready to help your company grow – all you need to do is visit for more information.


Connect with us at Datasearch Consulting for more information about our recruitment solutions for tech companies and functions.

Alexis Nicole Amarillo is a Director for Operations & Research at Datasearch Growth, a specialist lead generation firm focused on helping Technology and Data vendors grow. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how lead generation can help your business feel free to reach out on for a more detailed discussion.

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