What Does 2021 Look Like for Tech Companies?

by | Nov 29, 2020

The year 2020’s ending is almost upon us. And, with the crazy things that happened in the last 11 months, we all hope for a better year this coming 2021. Fortunately, in the tech industry, there are plenty of positive things that we can look forward to. For one, the COVID situation has emphasized the importance of technology. There have been a lot of applications of technology during the pandemic. Some examples include South Korea’s technology-enabled infection control and China’s disinfection robots in COVID-19 hospital.

You can also find other technological innovations in the other Asia Pacific countries during this pandemic including:

  • Singapore’s use of digital footprint to conduct tracing
  • Japan’s  ASKA3D, a screen you can access without touching
  • Taiwan’s use of Big Data to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

Besides the tech innovations of different APAC countries, there are plenty of other exciting trends that will most likely carry over into 2021. Check out the possible 2021 tech market trends in the discussion below.    

The rise of eCommerce

Currently, the Asia Pacific region leads the global eCommerce market with a whopping share of 64.3 percent from the overall eCommerce spending in the world. With this trend, APAC tech professionals such as eCommerce site developers, website designers, and eCommerce enablers such as contactless payments are becoming more in-demand. To give you more background on the APAC’s eCommerce market, here are some key statistics you can look at: 

  • Solidiance lists Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Osaka, and Jakarta as the APAC’s most attractive online retail market due to their size and high internet penetration. 
  • China accounts for roughly 63.2 percent of internet retail buyers in the region.
  • According to the International Monetary Fund, mobile and online payments have been gaining more traction in APAC in past few years. 

Highlighted importance of digitisation

Besides eCommerce, recent events have also put emphasis on the value of digitisation in running businesses. With employees opting to work from home, companies need to have unified and streamlined processes, improve internal communication, and strengthen customer support relationships. To facilitate such changes, companies need to apply technological innovations such as data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence and automation

Both automation and AI have been gaining quite a lot of traction in various sectors over the years. Initially, only large corporations take advantage of AI and automation. However, during recent times, even mid-sized companies are tapping into these two tech innovations to carry out their usual business operations. And that’s because AI and automation can help with the following:

  • Reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Ensuring minimal error
  • Combating fraud
  • Analyzing large chunks of data
  • Creating meaningful interactions with customers

According to Tech Wire Asia, APAC companies will most likely use automation tools and artificial intelligence to cope and rebuild after the pandemic. As a result, the industry will need plenty of talents with AI or automation knowledge and background. 

Cloud adoption gains more traction 

Cloud adoption is also commonly observed in many companies all over the region. Due to flexible work arrangements, companies invest in cloud solutions like storage and cloud-based apps to ensure that their team members can complete their assigned tasks. Many consider cloud adoption as a key enabler of pandemic recovery. This could spell opportunities for cloud computing specialists, cloud engineers, and software developers. It could also open doors to startups focused on creating cloud-based products. 

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Tech recruitment shows promising growth

Inevitably, as the demand for tech increases, companies also need to adapt and respond by expanding their team. That’s why, while the tech recruitment industry was shaken up by COVID, businesses can expect to see a much different trend towards the end of the quarter and the beginning of the coming year. 

It’s also highly likely for offices to welcome more diversity as and more women pursue a career in tech. According to a report from Tech Wire Asia, the Southeast Asian tech market has been seeing a lot of changes in terms of workplace diversity. Instead of the old-school, all-men tech workplace, many companies now have women leading their teams.  

There’s also a lot of great things to look out for in terms of the tech recruitment trends in major APAC tech hubs. For example, in Singapore, because the country expects to face a major talent crunch in tech, they have decided to offer work passes to global technology talents. Other tech hubs such as Hong Kong and China also expect the tech sector as one of the main driving forces of the recruitment business in the post-COVID-19 world. 

Datasearch Consulting is here to help

The tech market’s outlook is indeed promising, especially here in the APAC region. However, many of the countries in the APAC region face a huge challenge in recruiting talents from a very limited pool of candidates. Fortunately, we at Datasearch Consulting can help you with your company’s tech recruitment needs. We do the heavy lifting and ensure that you can find the right people for your team. Contact us today for more information! 


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