Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Datasearch Consulting (“Datasearch”, “we”, “our”, or “us”), we are committed to protecting the information provided by our users, including but not limited to visitors to our website, job applicants, employees and other clients (“users” or “you”). Datasearch is bound by the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, 2012, and it is our policy to respect the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of information provided by our users. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines how we collect, disclose, use, store and handle personal information provided by our users.


By accessing our website, using any of the services therein (including but not limited to applying for a job with us) and/or submitting your personal information to us through any other means, you are consenting to the processing of your personal information and to our collection, use, disclosure, storage and handling of your personal information, as set out in this Policy. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time; however, we may not then be able to provide you with our full range of services.


Updates and Amendments. This Policy will be updated, reviewed and amended from time to time. Please check this Policy regularly to be aware of any updates and changes. Any information collected, used, disclosed, stored or handled by us will be governed by the latest version of this Policy. Material changes (if any) to this Policy will be indicated by a notice on our home page. Continued use of this website, or use of any of the services, will thereafter constitute your deemed acceptance of the revised Policy.


Information we collect about you. At Datasearch, we collect information which are essential for providing a better and more efficient service to you. Information we may collect includes (but is not limited to) your name and contact details, educational and other qualifications, work experience and opinions of others about your work experience, opinions from referees, skills and abilities, employment history, medical history or condition, any aptitude, psychological or psychometric test results as well as any other information obtained by us in connection with possible work placements (together “Personal Information”). No sensitive information about you (including information about health, race or religion) will be collected by us without your explicit consent.


How is such Personal Information collected? Personal Information about you is collected by Datasearch when you directly access our services by setting up an account on our website, submitting your resume to us, or communicating any such Personal Information to us through our website, in person, through email, fax, telephone, or through any other means of communication. Personal Information may also be collected from current or former employers or professional associations, referees, or educational institutions. In case you do not wish disclose any such Personal Information, please do not set up an account on our website, or directly provide us with any Personal Information though any method (including but not limited to the methods listed above) of communication. 


Cookies and anonymous information. However, our website uses cookies to record anonymous information for analytics and other purposes, which helps us improve our website’s experience continuously. Please change your browser settings if you do not wish to accept cookies.


Information about other individuals or third parties. Any information about other individuals provided by you to Datasearch should be accompanied by that individual’s consent. This individual should be referred to this Policy and informed that their information will be handled by Datasearch in terms of this Policy. In case you are submitting Personal Information of such third parties to us, you represent and warrant that you have their consent to do so, and that you will hold us harmless against any claims by such third parties relating to our use of such Personal Information, within the terms of this Policy.


Why do we need your Personal Information? At Datasearch, we need your Personal Information to provide candidates and clients a seamless experience on our website, to efficiently manage any enquiries, requests or complaints that you may have, to inform you of your opportunities of work placement and other events relevant to you though direct mail, email and/or SMS, to assess data for providing feedback to clients on the positions they are seeking to fill, for direct marketing and promotion of our business, or for payments (on engagement as an employee or a contractor). Further, Personal Information you may provide may be necessary for any legislative, contractual or reporting obligations that we may have.


Protection of Personal Information. All Personal Information that you provide to Datasearch is kept in secure computer storage facilities. We take reasonable steps to protect all such Personal Information from unauthorised access, misuse, interference and loss, modification, alteration, destruction or disclosure. Personal Information and records may be required to be maintained by us for a considerable period of time. However, when the Personal Information is no longer needed, or upon your request, we will remove any details you have provided us with, or will securely destroy the records.


Transfer of Personal Information overseas. Being a global company, Datasearch may be required to send your Personal Information to our clients outside your country. Some of those countries might not have well developed data protection legislation. However, Datasearch will take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient complies with this Policy, and that your Personal Information is protected in accordance with required data protection laws and this Policy. However, please do not send us any Personal Information in case you do not want it to be processed in the manner described in this paragraph.


Personal Information should be up-to-date. Datasearch also takes reasonable steps to keep the Personal Information you provide reliable for its intended use, accurate and up-to-date. We may ask you to recheck or validate your Personal Information from time to time. Any change in Personal Information should also be informed to us, so that we can preserve the accuracy of information.


Enquiries and Complaints. You can make enquiries regarding your Personal Information, access to, correction or deletion of such Personal Information, request further information on this Policy, withdraw consent for use and disclosure of Personal Information, unsubscribe from our mailing lists, or complain of breaches of this Policy or the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, 2012 by writing to us at: 


We aim to acknowledge receipt of all enquiries within 14 working days from the receipt of your email or notification. Complaints need to be accompanied by sufficient supporting evidence, so that we can process them successfully. We may request you to provide additional information which might assist us in our investigation. We will respond to your complaints within a reasonable time. If however, you are unsatisfied with our response to your complaint, please reach out to us to further discuss your concerns, or you can contact the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commissioner.


These Terms were last updated on 2nd January 2017